World Knockout Announces Thump Trump

World Knockout: Thump Trump Fights Dictators, Tyrants, and Demagogues around the world to secure Freedom and Entertainment for all.  So it should be of no surprise that when when we found out Dennis Rodman’s biggest fan (second only to Kim Jong Un) was Donald Trump, we HAD to take action.

Trump, Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman

World Knockout: Thump Trump

Gear up urban hipsters, socialists, and liberal media moguls  for the fight of your lives! Donald Trump wants to take you on and rip you apart?  Are you going to stand there and take it like a wuss, or fight back with everything you have and Thump Trump?  The World is in your hands!


Thump Trump is coming soon to Android and iOS!

World Knockout: North Korea

If you can’t wait for Thump Trump, try taking a whack at Kim Jong Un, the world’s most brutal dictator!  Available NOW in Google Play.

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